7 cents of incredible and incredible burial all over the world

As we strive to stay healthy and live humanely, sooner or later we will have to leave this planet for an unknown destination. Fortunately, this usually does not happen too soon and we will stay in this world for a few hours, but no one will live as long as they like. Of course death is a sad subject, but if you die, what would you like your funeral to be like? Some prefer to be buried, while others prefer to be cremated.

Some people prefer to climb a high cliff and others like to be left in the woods. In many civilizations, the burial ceremony of the dead was not only very important but also very strange. Below we will introduce you to some of the most amazing and surprising funeral events around the world.
Yes, unfortunately, as you think. In some human civilizations, eating the dead meat is one of the important parts of mourning the dead. This tradition is seldom practiced anymore, but in the not too distant past it was common practice for people to die in Papua New Guinea and parts of Brazil. In fact, by trying to eat their dead flesh, these people were trying to make them part of themselves and thus keep their dead with them. However, in some areas where meat was not sufficiently available, this would provide some of the family or tribe’s meat needed.

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