A policeman’s shameless offer to an Afghan woman

پیشنهاد بی شـ..ـرمانه یک پولیس به زن افغان

A policeman’s shameless offer to an Afghan woman

A police officer has been arrested in Liverpool on charges of aping a women.

Defendant Lian Newwood, 30, asked the v.ictim to send him nude photos after meeting the v-ictim online.

According to the v-ictim, he had been in a relationship with this women for a long time and had sent him all kinds of inappropriate photos and videos.

After a long time, the defendant asked the women for s-x, and when he saw her resistance to this request, he threatened to publish his photos and videos in cyberspace.

When the v-ictim found out about his threat, he went to the police station and complained to women, and the officers’ investigation revealed that the accused was a police officer.

The accused is currently in temporary custody until his trial time is determined soon.

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