Amir Band National Park

Amir Band National Park has been one of the wonders of nature that has attracted human generations throughout history to provide a suitable place for living and working. This section, with an area of ​​4,000 hectares, was introduced as the first national park in Afghanistan at the beginning of the year.Amir Band is located 2 kilometers from Kabul, 2 kilometers west of Bamyan province and 2 kilometers northeast of Yakawlang, between the eastern Hindu Kush and the Baba Mountains in the center of the country.The Amir Dam, about 3000 meters above sea level, is one of the highest in the world.The Amir Dam is actually the source of snow and rain that pours over the hills and hills of Baba during the year and then finds its fountains and seas in the lower reaches of the Baba Caves.

The Baba branch of the Hindu Kush is Pamir’s, and finally, the Hamaliyah, which was built about 4 million years ago by the Indian subcontinent in Asia. The reason for Baba’s low altitudes and low hills is the low pressure of these areas. In fact, the final point of the Indian continent pressure is on the Baba Kooks.Thus, most of the time the soils have been excavated as low pressures due to the low pressure remains untreated sedimentary rocks in many parts of the overlying forests below these soils have been converted into coal mines and peat. Also, in most parts of the soil washing troughs, soils stored in the lower parts of the soil have made smoothies.It has absorbed large quantities of water into these hills and hills over thousands of years, producing thousands of springs.

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