Antalya markets and shopping malls

Antalya markets and shopping mallsIn general in Antalya the prices of health products, chocolates and some foods are very reasonable. In addition, in Kemer Antalya region there are shops of Wakiki, Koton, Defekto and Eco, which are both very versatile and affordable. At Alibaba Magazine we have an article called The Complete Shopping Guide in Antalya, which you can read in full. But here we briefly introduce a few important Antalya shopping centers:Mark Shopping Center The brand is one of the newest Antalya shopping malls opened in 2013. The 155 stores of this shopping center with a variety of internationally renowned and Turkish brands (such as Lac Waikiki, etc.), offer a wide range of goods and merchandise to customers in order to shop. Foodcourse has a variety of restaurants (McDonald’s, etc.), a coffee shop and a movie theater and parking lot. There is no currency exchange inside the mall, so be sure to convert your dollars to lire beforehand. Located in the Lara area, the Terrace Shopping Center is a full-fledged and varied shopping mall with 4 floors and 185 international brands. Terrace is not only Antalya’s largest shopping mall but Antalya’s largest cinema as well. The shopping center is easy to reach by bus and bus, and there is food and cinema and parking.Republic Street The Republican is one of the main streets in downtown Antalya and is a bit like Istanbul’s Independence Street. On both sides of the street is a café, restaurant and shop, and it’s a long walk. Shopping from this area also has its own mood.Migraine Antalya’s Migros, located on the west side of the city, is a very large store where you can find all international and Turkish brands in addition to supermarket, food, detergent, etc.FoodIf you’ve traveled to Turkey you probably know how close the taste of the Turkish people is to us. As we said, most of the hotels in this city are resort and catering service is included in all meals and sometimes snacks. So even if you don’t leave the hotel, you can enjoy a variety of Turkish cuisine at the hotel itself. Many 4 and 5-star hotels also have a range of international restaurant models, including Italian, Barbican, Asian and more. But just try out the hotel to try the Turkish cuisine! At downtown restaurants and the seaside you can enjoy a variety of famous Turkish dishes such as Lamahjun, Pidea, Turkish Kebab, Alexander Kebab and more. If you are interested in seafood, there are also famous seafood restaurants in Antalya.In addition, onions (Taratorlu piyaz), sac kavurması, tandir kebab and saksuka are local Antalya dishes.

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