Attractions in Antalya

Attractions in Antalya CalaichiKale in Turkish means castle, and Ici means “inside” and Ili “inside the castle”. Calaichi is actually the old area of ​​Antalya, when the city had not yet come into being today and around it was a defensive wall. Kaleychi is spectacular with its gates of streets and cobblestone streets, souvenir shops and restaurants and bars. The Calaichi Museum, Yacht Harbor (Marina) and the Bioli Minaret are Calaichi’s sights.At Calaichi Harbor, you can see a row of yachts with rich people taking sides and enjoying a variety of seafood and non-seafood restaurants.Karanine Cave The cave dates back to about 7,000 years ago and dates back to the human cave era and is one of the first human settlements.Roman bathThe bath has remained in the area since ancient Roman rule, and in addition to its landmark is a small entertainment complex and tourists can enjoy their time in the restaurant, café and resort of the complex.Faslis Historical DistrictThe historical district (Phaselis) is located in the Kemer region of Antalya. You can easily reach the area by bus and dolomush. This is where Alexander the Great set up his winter camps before Christ. The area includes a theater, several temples, a paved street, and Hadrian’s Gate Arches.Pamuk Calais Pamukkale is one of the amazing natural attractions of this region that is world famous. The white, natural pools are row by row on a slope where natural warm water flows, warm water flowing from the ground. Duden Falls The Duden Cascade is actually a series of two cascades that are spaced apart and the source of these cascades is the Duden River. Duden Cascades are divided into two parts: upper and lower; upper cascades are located in the city of Antalya. You will find restaurants and cafés around the waterfall, just 2 km from downtown Antalya, where you can spend hours in the beautiful countryside.pirate shipThe Pirate Ship is a four-hour tour. If you’ve enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean movie over and over again, you’ll surely enjoy the tour. The design of all ships is in the style of pirates with dragon, parrot, etc., which can be especially appealing to children. Shipowners also wear pirate costumes. The three-story pirate shipThe first floor is song, dance, happiness and partyingThe second floor is for relaxation and sunbathingThird floor restaurant and drinksAlong the way there are two places for swimming in shallow waters.The tour starts at 9am every day.

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