Best Time to Visit during the dry season

Visiting the Philippines because of its pristine islands and crystal clear water is an exciting adventure. But it is not always sunny in the country, and there are times when it is raining heavily that may make you a little overwhelmed. But if anyone wants to experience the rain, stroll in the pleasant sun, or want to see both together in the country, it depends on your taste. We at Elly Magazine, below are the best times to travel to the Philippines in a different way. Here’s a month-by-month explanation of what the weather will be like for you. Stay with us:It can be said that January is the best time to travel to tropical Philippines. There is a chance of rain this month, but the cooler weather is due to the northeast monsoon. There are many festivals in January, including the Ati-Atihan Festival in the second week of January.During the month the temperatures are slightly above January, but you can take advantage of the cool air of Baguio and head to the City of Pines, where the flower festival is held. This annual capital festival is held on the third week of February, with everything decorated with flowers and people coming to the streets.March is when temperatures start to rise and provide for the coming summer; however, the weather is still one of the best times to travel to the Philippines. This month, be on a holiday to the Philippines. Holy Week usually happens this month or early April, where most Filipinos are praying. Most families leave town this month and picnic by the beaches and parks.Although the weather is warm and humid this month and temperatures are rising, April is the time when you can tour the island and experience different adventures. Many tourists choose to visit the Philippines this month; they go to islands like Palawan and Buraki and have fun. If you don’t want to go to the beach and enjoy a bit of culture, there are festivals like Bongos in Dogapan.May is still the best time to travel to the Philippines. While in warmer climates you may experience warmer temperatures, you can climb or choose coastal areas for cooling and swimming. If you want to avoid the large Burakian crowds, there are other white sandy beaches to enjoy.

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