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Soon a new movie of Shahin with a girl from Indian movies will be on cinema

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“Do You Know Who I Am?” Salim Shahin, probably the most famous person in the Afghan art scene, asks a crowd of soldiers at the screening of his 5-minute film. Since he has been ubiquitous in Afghan television, and well known to everyone, his question seems a little funny.

Salim Shahin is an actor, writer, director, and a versatile comedian in Afghanistan who is known as the Sultan of Hollywood in the zero-sum movie industry in Afghanistan.

Salim Shaheen Subject has recently become the subject of a documentary film by French journalist Sonya Cronland, which she recently released at the Canadian Documentary Film Festival.

Sonia Cronland is well known in France for running a radio program. He covered a variety of topics in his radio program. When one of his shows was dedicated to Afghanistan, he met Salim Shahin and a friend of his in Paris several years ago gave him a set of Salim Shahin DVDs.

“I think the Salim Shaheen DVDs are very interesting,” says Mrs Cronland. They are very popular but in terms of content. So I said to myself why not? I try my luck and go to see him, it will probably be interesting. But when I first saw him and he began to describe his life and childhood, it seemed to me that his story was more than just an interesting story. A much bigger story lies in his life. ”

The Hollywood movie depicts the story of a young Salim Shaheen, who attracted Cronland. This may not be a coincidence, but it is inevitably a joint copyright for the film Crownland and The Hawk. Initially, Cronland had hoped to make a fully-fledged film about Salim Hawk, a mixture of intimate documentary and remake of Salim Hawk’s past, but he soon realized this was not possible. On the other hand, Salim Shaheen also watched the Cronland film as his own. At the outset, Salim Shaheen was trying to direct the reconstruction sequences, but the heavy equipment costs made it impossible to make a film in Afghanistan.

To get a better understanding of Salim Shaheen’s films, it’s better to say that the films he makes are not exactly what we expect from the ordinary movie industry. He makes his films very fast. Cronland says that Salim Shaheen rarely takes more than 5 minutes to capture a sequence, and the exotic imitation of Bollywood films with the same songs and soundtracks and action scenes is exaggerated. Using the blood of chickens, real weapons and soldiers, he uses real-world violence in the background of his films. Salim Shahin made films even during the Afghan Civil War and when he was a military commander. At that time he used soldiers under his command as actors or other film agents. As can be seen throughout his films, the very fast grasping of the sequences is not a strange characterization of the technical and technical quality of the film, but a necessity for his films.

“Afghanistan teaches you how to get around things,” says Cronland. As a person who is very skilled in controlling his anger, I like to travel to Afghanistan because in Afghanistan I have to go through things easily. It no longer mattered, for example, what we were filming, or who was the author, or who was the director, and what the hawk said was true or not. All of this is irrelevant. Reality becomes flexible, and throughout the film and when it’s made, reality becomes a collective illusion. ”

“In one scene, a girl’s father agrees to get her daughter to dance in one of Salim Shahin’s films, but just when the girl is dancing in front of her father, her father stands firm to allow her daughter to dance Does not have and should not dance. His opposition is not, in fact, an attempt to stop his daughter’s dance, but by doing so to preserve her honor. In doing so, she wants to play her father’s role by not allowing her daughter to dance in front of the cameras for the money, while everyone around her is taken by the camera. These scenes illustrate complex realities. You see a girl who wants to dance, is happy, and has dreams just like any other girl in America. On the other hand, you see a father who needs money but wants to keep his honor, so he tells his daughter that he is not allowed to dance, knowing that he will dance.

According to Cronland, such scenes tell the complexity of Afghan life and culture. Throughout the film, every man she meets with Cronland says she is even ready to die but does not allow her daughter to appear in Salim Shahin. Salim Shahin may be acting against the acceptable borders of Afghanistan, but on the other hand he does not violate any laws or regulations.

Sonia Cronland adds: “In Afghanistan, which is plagued by conflict, chaos, and corruption, you can’t find many good laws on screen content. In fact, the government does not have a strong will to enforce broadcast content laws. There are over a hundred television stations operating in Afghanistan, and state-run radio and television do not actually do anything special. The problem of censorship doesn’t really exist, and Salim Shahin considers censorship for his films; it’s part of the culture in Afghanistan. ”

When the filming of Salim Shaheen film ends, Salim Shaheen takes Kronland to Bamyan province, where the ruined Buddha statues are carved on a mountain body. During their rule, the Taliban destroyed these Buddha statues using bombs.

“When the Taliban destroyed the Buddhist idols, I felt they were against art, they were against culture, and they were actually against humanity,” says Salim Shahin. As an artist, that’s what I felt about their work. “

Finally, Hollywood was screened at the Cannes Film Festival for the second year. Salim Shahin, Ghorban Ali and another film actress also participated in the festival along with Ms. Sonia Cronland.

After the release of the film, about 2 onlookers would stand around for about 5 minutes for the film.

“I was there with my three Afghan colleagues in a false sense of humor,” says Cronland. In fact we were a little pessimistic, but we pretended to be modest. But the art and presence of Salim Shahin can clearly be found in sincerity. For Salim Shahin, Hollywood is like one of his films. In one interview, for example, he was asked what it was like to be the subject of a movie, and he replied, “You know, I made 4 films, but it was one of the hardest films.”

Salim Shahin returns to Afghanistan after the festival is over, but his actress Ghorban Ali does not return and is seeking asylum in France.

“Since Salim Shahin has returned to Afghanistan, he has slowed down to make the film, but not on his own,” Cronland says. Once, Salim Shahin made a movie every month. But now the economy is severely weak and there is not much money to make movies or buy DVDs. Now Salim Shaheen may be making a movie.

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