Fahim Fana finally said this about his relationship with Miss Shakila

Fahim Fana finally said this about his relationship with Lady Shakila || Hear from his own Explenation

People have written about Fahim Fana:

1- He is lying. This dirty man had no problem with the money he was taking. It is a clear and obvious word. It is clear from his appearance that the devil is an adjective.

2- Fahim is a hypocrite, be ashamed, you have ruined yourself a lot, you wanted to kill my money, but you raised your eyebrows, Fahim was embarrassed

3- Let’s judge honestly. Women have a kind heart. Ire Alam has proven that their kindness causes them to fail. Sometimes in May, I know several women who were deceived by cowards by losing everything. They get out of hundreds of problems after getting a green card. Divorce and marry my wife and say that we are not crazy to live with the ugly or the old. Our destination was to come here.

4- Yes, your dear sister, saying the same things. Yes, this Fahim Fana, you are lying so much. Fahim Fahim is lying. Why is it okay to be okay with this poor man, and he has eaten his money? You are ashamed of the betrayal of the work in front of God, and it is a solution. You say that I did not understand that Shakila asked me to get married, go to Shakila with Shakila, go to India to do good Who will solve the shame of the dream? Hali talks again that Shakila is a heroine. Mazenha, I am proud that she defended herself with this woman, Fahim Fana.


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