Girl dancing on hasib qowai markaz party

دختر بازی ذال شار حسیب قوای مرکز

Dancers of strong circles, commanders

Most of you and I see 16- and 18-year-old girls dancing in the circles of the powerful and commanders, and we have always thought to ourselves that these dancers are immoral, and you pour all your anger on them, why are they like this? They do ugly deeds, we never think who the main culprits are, and generally in matters of sexual immorality I never blame the man and only the poor girl is to blame, but do you think that dancing these girls in these parties is out of enthusiasm? Is it taste? Most of these girls suffer from mental problems and illnesses and suffer a lot from their daily lives.

Perhaps most of these girls are orphans or do not have a man at home. A number of them got married at a young age but became widows, or the man in their life was a coward who became accustomed to it. To dance in these circles, and to give in to their evil desires, now it is time to say why they do not do eyebrow work, as they said, free chatting is right for everyone, because what about an 18-year-old girl who also has a child? Do eyebrows and what to do if he is illiterate? In this outfit, where most of the men are wolves, the girl will be the only one to thank these wolves for everything she does and wherever she goes.

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