It made me miserable to go to Thailand

He went to Thailand when he was twenty-seven. She just went for sex. Before that he had no experience at all. Alone for a week in Bangkok. The first days were with two prostitutes at different times of the day. On the second day, she found out she could have prostitutes from countries like China, Burma and Vietnam.

He didn’t know much about AIDS, but he considered the danger of AIDS. He usually takes several condoms with him. But being young and having access to young women with healthy looks unintentionally comes with the kind of sexual activity that you overlook for AIDS and STDs.

Two years have passed since that trip, and much to the decision that she was proud of her life in Iran because of her limitations. He would sit everywhere and advise his peers and years if they could go to Thailand as sex tourists.

About a month ago, when she left her office for lunch to go for a sandwich, the woman suddenly found herself in prison. It is as if a person has been hit in the abdomen with an elbow.

It was so scary that he went to the doctor. He did a lot of testing but no news. Shortness of breath did not occur again, but fatigue, fever, and dry skin appeared after the accident. His appetite had not diminished and he ate normally, but within a month he had lost 10 percent of his weight. The doctor she was caring for was suspected of having lung cancer.

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