Kabul nights with Ajmal Haqiqi & Yalda Haidari

Despite numerous Taliban attacks in the Afghan capital, Kabul’s center is experiencing vibrant nightlife. Finishing up with larger shops, kiosks, street vendors and restaurants will welcome late-night customers. Of course, this bustling nightlife is accompanied by heavy traffic in the city. Pictures of Rostam Abbas are part of the BBC Uzbekistan.
Restaurants cater to their late customers. Customers are mostly men or families.

Fresh fish is a special food in a landlocked country. The fish are mostly caught from a river near Jalalabad in eastern Kabul.
Fresh carrot juice is one of the popular drinks.

Going to the cafe is one of the major pastimes, despite the sense of insecurity. These students enjoy a friendly chat with the chefs.
The use of mobile phones is very common in Afghanistan. Phone cards sell well at night.
Many children work in the streets.
Many are looking to buy music CDs; Indian and Persian songs are particularly popular.

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