Kim Jong Un went … the next thing that is going to happen

Rumors about Kim Jong Un’s health may be completely baseless, but nothing less than the importance of his succession in the short or long term. The analysis seeks the opinion of analysts in this regard.

Since the founding of North Korea in 1948, it has been ruled only by male members of the Kim family, and the legend of this family has deep roots in society.

Even before they learn to read, citizens are confronted with government propaganda about the family’s greatness; preschool children sing a song called “I Want to See Our Leader Kim Jong Un.”

Is it possible to imagine North Korea without the presence of this symbolic and political figure at the helm? How will the elites organize themselves and society?

The simple answer is: we don’t know. What’s more interesting is that they don’t know either. They have never encountered such a problem.

Kim has always been at work …

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