little Afghan girl who become five time pregnant

Banafsheh (a pseudonym), who came to the BBC studio in Kabul with her mother, said that she was about 11 years old when she was selling a plastic map in a district west of Kabul when a healthy girl of the same age became my sister (a close friend). . “Then he told me and a few other peddlers to take me to a course that teaches street children both painting and calligraphy and helps.”

“We went with this girl and they told us to wait outside and take turns entering the building. When it was my turn, I went into the room, someone shut my mouth, I fainted. When I woke up, the man who was there,” Banafsheh said. “He told me to go and come tomorrow morning and I would help. I did not tell my parents anything about the incident, but I was very scared. The girl had warned me not to tell anyone.”

The next day, Banafsheh is still hoping for help and, according to her, waits outside the painting course until the evening of that day. “She closes her mouth with something” and Violet faints again.

Banafsheh says: “When I woke up, my head was spinning, my heart was pounding (I was nauseous), my thighs (pants) were not in my body, I was very confused, this uncle (man) told me to be smart (be careful) “Don’t tell anyone about it.”

“Your daughter is pregnant”

Violet felt bad, she knew something bad had happened but she didn’t tell anyone. He became seriously ill after the incident. He can no longer go to sell his plastic maps. His mother takes care of him and she rolls up her sleeves to find a piece of bread and cleans the house.

“After four months, my daughter became very ill, so I took her to the hospital and the doctor told me that your daughter was pregnant,” said Banafsheh.

Banafsheh is interrogated and asked who this child is from. “A man, the uncle who was supposed to help me, raped me,” says Banafsheh.

Banafsheh’s father has taken another wife and has no relationship with Banafsheh’s mother and her children. Banafsheh’s mother contacted the Afghanistan Street Children Support Institute, which referred them to the prosecutor’s office.

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