Mashhad climate

Mashhad climateMashhad enjoys a temperate and cold climate. This region has special climatic and climatic characteristics due to its location in the border region between north and south of Khorasan as well as interference of different climate fronts. Much of Mashhad Plain, Neyshabour except cold and arid climate and part of Mashhad Plain, semi-arid and cold Ghuchan and a small part of the highest elevations of Binaloud and Millennium Mountains fall into the category of cold humid climatic conditions and throughout Mashhad The climate is variable but temperate and prone to cold and dry and enjoys hot and dry summers and cold and humid winters.Most of the time the wind blows from the southeast to the northwest. Homa’s temperature reaches 2 degrees Celsius in the warmest days of summer and minus 2 degrees Celsius in winter.The best time to travel to Mashhad is in late spring and early fall, accompanied by the mild and humid climate of the city. Summer is the holiday time and Mashhad is crowded and temperatures are well above 2 degrees Celsius. Autumn is cooler and fewer travelers go to town. The winter is cold and the city is cold despite the low prices. Spring is pleasant in Mashhad but it is very busy during the holidays. If the hustle and bustle of this season doesn’t bother you, it can be said to be one of the best times to travel to Mashhad.

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