Memories of Kabul nights city

After noticing the danger, Sarah opened the door and threw herself out while the car was moving. The driver stopped a taxi and got out of the car following him. According to him, the driver was a middle-aged man. They got into a fight. “No matter how much I screamed, no one was shouting, it was a dark and terrible night,” he says.

we will talk about the story of a young goirl who her from the black fortune of her time and takes away her goirl’s honor, dignity and pride. She has words that burn every heart, so the video Be sure to watch to the end.

The Afghan capital, Kabul, is experiencing an unprecedented increase in crime. Armed robberies, kidnappings, hostage-taking, house-to-house robberies, car and cell phone robberies have escalated in the city of six million. In a series of “Crime in Kabul” reports, Farsi Business looks at different aspects of crime in Kabul.

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