Most 5-star Antalya hotels have their own water park

Antalya RecreationIn addition to seaside amenities, Antalya also has other amusement parks for tourists, two of which are not known for their nationality and age: Water Park and Going. Usually all of these amusements are sold as tours to travelers, and you can visit tour operators and booths selling tourist services throughout the city. Usually, each of these tours is cheaper than downtown tourist booths than those offered by hotels. (Even in some cases you will find that these tours sell for three times the price elsewhere in the hotel).Most 5-star Antalya hotels have their own water park, but Antalya has three water parks: Aqualand Water Park: This is Antalya’s largest water park. The amusement park features a variety of playgrounds, a variety of pools, music and leisure activities, restaurants, coffee shops and dolphin lands.Land of Legends Waterfront Land of Legends: This water park is part of the Land of Legends Hotel. Opening hours of this water park are 2 to 4 hours.Rixos Premium Troy Water Park: This water park is located in the Belek area (2 km east of Antalya). Different parts of the park include the Trojan Tower, slides and waterfalls, playgrounds and dolphin lands.Dedeman Aquapark Water Park: This water park is located in the Lara area, with various slides to the slides, rivers, greenery and restaurants.Going Going fishing means boating in the river of wholesalers. But not just boating, you also experience swimming, rock climbing and jungle trekking. Near the city of Antalya is a river called Manavagat which is a great place for adventure. Passengers will be divided into two or more groups (up to 3 people) by boat or boat transfer to the river location, and on the special boat ride along the river leader. Along the way, Leader can dive and swim in the quiet, deep rivers along the way. Two important things about riding:You don’t have to bring a cellphone with you, as there are many photographers and cameramen who will take pictures of you and print whatever you want at the end.Try to take the sandal with plastic sandals so you don’t have to buy or rent sandals.Don’t forget the sunscreen.

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