Ms. Jamal Mobarez became a vic-tim of competition?

Shafi Ayar, who has been strongly opposed to Ms. Ariana and her husband Hasib for many years, now says in her new program that Ms. Ariana is the cause of Ms. Jamal Mobarez’s disappearance, and common sense will never accept this claim. Shafi Ayar claims that Ariana caused Jamal Mobarez to get involved with his wife, who had been pregnant for three months, and caused Jamal Mobarez to k-ill his wife.

#shafie #shafieayar #shafieayarpage
#Jamal Mubariz wife was killed#جمال مبارز آیا در قتل سمیرا مبارز خانم حامله خود دست دارد؟#چه کسی میتواند برای کشتن زن حامله جمال مبارز انگیزه داشته بوده باشد#آیا آریانا سعید در کشته شدن زن جمال مبارز مقصر است؟

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