Paghman is one of the lush, historic,

Paghman is one of the lush, historic, recreational and spectacular areas of Kabul City, located 2 kilometers from the Afghan capital. It is one of Kabul’s most popular recreational areas, with most residents spending their Friday and holidays with their families in this beautiful and spectacular place.Greenery, fresh water and fresh water, clear air, various fruits, lush hills, good security and exclusive beauty make this area among the other popular and popular areas of Kabul province, especially the Afghan citizens. The Paghman area is called by most Afghan citizens as the Paghman Valley.Paghman is hospitable every day in the hot seasons, but Friday and holiday are the busiest days for citizens to come from all over Kabul to enjoy its beauty.Zafar’s arch is also said to be one of the landmarks in the area. The construction of the vault is said to have taken place when King Amanullah Khan, the then king of Afghanistan, gained independence from the British in 5 years, contemplating building a symbol of its independence and erecting the Zafar vault in the current market of Paghman. Whenever you want to visit the area, you should pass by the vault of the container (symbol of independence) of Afghanistan.

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