Plastic surgeries that you can’t believe have happened!

Plastic surgeries that you can’t believe have happened! Plastic surgery is widely used in the world these days, but it does not always have the expected results … Today in this video we went to plastic surgeries that you do not believe have happened. Hope it help you added it to your information (:

Eyelid surgery
Eyelid cosmetic surgery in the clinic by the best …

Breast Surgery
In this breast surgery center by more experienced …

Abdominal surgery
If you suffer from undesirable abdomen, you may …

Ear Surgery
Ear Surgery …

Species Surgery
Typical surgery …

Chin surgery
When you look at a natural person from half-face …

nose surgery
Rhinoplasty in the clinic by the best doctors with …
Cosmetic surgery in today’s world
Cosmetic surgeries are always one of the most common and, of course, sensitive and important. Cosmetic surgeries, because of the importance they give to the appearance of the individual, should be performed by experienced, professional plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons.
Nowadays, with the development of medical sciences and new methods of cosmetic surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgeons can perform surgeries with the least complications and best results. Therefore, cosmetic surgeries are very popular nowadays.
At our beauty clinic, all types of nasal cosmetic surgery are performed by the best plastic surgeons who are briefly listed below:

• nose plastic surgery
Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular surgeries among the general public. Nasal cosmetic surgery is performed in both open and closed methods. The cost and price of rhinoplasty also vary depending on the skill and experience of the surgeon and the hospital facilities. Recovery from nasal cosmetic surgery is very short, but care should be taken after the procedure that the physician may have to perform a nasal or revision surgery if the nose is damaged.

• Chine cosmetic surgery
The shape, shape, size and front or back of the chin are very influential in a person’s beauty. In chin cosmetic surgery, the doctor will move the chin surgeon forward or backward if necessary. The cost of nasal surgery also includes the cost of the doctor and hospital costs. Rear chin or front chin surgery is now very common.

• Specific cosmetic surgery
With age and also in some young people, due to the small size of the species, they may undergo surgery or surgery. The surgery can make the face look younger and make a difference to the person. Includes cheek prosthesis and cheek bone surgery.

• Ear Plastic Surgery
In some people, for genetic reasons, the appearance of the ear may not match the shape of the face, or it may be due to a lack of satisfaction with the appearance of the ear. Ear cosmetic surgery is performed outpatient and often with local anesthesia.

• Abdominal cosmetic surgery
This type of surgery is performed in people who have a lot of fat around the abdomen. This type of cosmetic surgery is very popular because of its very fast and convenient results for weight loss. Also abdominal plastic surgery or abdominoplasty complications. Very low and short recovery.

• Breast Plastic Surgery
Breast plastic surgery is performed to reduce or increase breast volume. Aesthetic breast surgery to reduce breast volume is performed by reducing and removing fats. Also breast plastic surgery is performed to increase volume. This is done by injecting a prosthesis or silicone gel into the chest.

• Eyelid cosmetic surgery
As people age, some suffer from diminished skin collagen. Cosmetic eyelid or blepharoplasty surgery is performed by removing part of the skin, which is very common in people who have passed through adolescence.

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