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Thailand, a country located in Southeast Asia these days is one of the three popular tourist destinations among the Iranian people and even the rest of the world. The attractive and spectacular beaches with clear waters as well as historical attractions and religious sites all come together to meet all the needs of travelers on a trip to the country. But like any other tourist destination, you need information such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, as well as restaurants and hotels to stay in. So Eli Patrol is planning to travel to Thailand to provide you with the information you need to travel to Thailand’s most touristy Asian country; join us on a journey to Thailand.Thailand’s history is more than 5,000 years old. Over the centuries, many immigrants have come to the country, most of them from southern China. Until the early twelfth century, most of the area was under Khmer rule, including the famous city of Angkor in Cambodia and the surrounding area. In the early 12th century, the Thai built small towns such as Lanna and Phayao in the north and the famous town of Sakhutai. Thanks to its good relations with European and American countries, it has become one of the major business centers in the world these days.Due to the geographical location of Thailand and its proximity to the sea, most of the time it has a temperate climate. To the north is a mountainous country with many forests and its central areas covered with lush paddy fields. The average temperature in the country is 2 ° C from mid-February to mid-February to mid-June, which is the warm and dry season in the country. The rainy season starts from June to November and the average temperature reaches 2 degrees Celsius and the coldest season in Thailand starts from mid-November and continues until mid-February. Below 20 ° C.Best time to travel to Thailand
Thailand’s best season is the least in Thailand with warmth and rain between November and February and the coldest season. The air temperature in Thailand this season is 2 ° C and nights 2 ° C, with the lowest humidity. After that, the warm season begins with April being the hottest month and the water celebration in Thailand is due to take place in the middle of this month.
Cost of food in ThailandIn a Thai tourist country, you need to pay 4 baht for a meal in a cheap restaurant, you have to pay 2 baht for a double meal in an average restaurant. Fortunately, Thai food prices are almost cheaper in Phuket’s McDonald’s menus, at around 6 bits. If you want to go on a business trip with a little searching you can eat a relatively good meal at restaurants that call them street food at a lower price. Set aside 5 baht for mineral water in the city. Following is a travel guide to Thailand we want to introduce you some popular Thai food.
Some popular foods in ThailandThailand has a temperate and temperate climate that has created conditions for the growth of various plants and agricultural expansion. It is full of fresh and fresh fruits and vegetables. These high quality ingredients are found in most of the region’s cuisine and give them a distinctive flavor. Despite what you’ve heard, the smiles are delicious and delicious, and you should definitely try a variety of dishes or even take classes and cook Thai food as a souvenir.
Pad Thai: This dish is made of rice, noodles, eggs, bean cheese, vegetables and usually some chicken and shrimp. Pad Thai can be found at any Thai restaurant.Shrimp Curry: It is a delicious seafood consisting of rice, basil, vegetables, curry sauce and fresh shrimp. Mix it with various vegetables for baking and serve with shrimp after baking.Mango and Rice: Other popular Thai foods made from yogurt and rice and mixed with concentrated milk, found in all Thai cuisine and popular in both restaurants and restaurants. .Tom Young Gong: Thai people love peppers and this is extremely spicy. Tom Yang Gong is a spicy soup made from a mixture of fresh peppers and fresh shrimp and mushrooms.

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