The beautiful statue of love

The statue of loveThe statue is actually two metal structures of a male and female icon that are located by the sea. The two statues symbolize the love of a boy named Ali from Azerbaijan who falls in love with a Georgian and Christian girl named Nino. According to the story, the families oppose their love and the two are forced to separate but cannot stand apart and die and die in order to reach another world. The feature of this modern structure is that it is made of metal layers and every two minutes the two statues move together and then their bodies are intertwined and formed into a single body but are separated and move to the opposite side. They move away from each other. The love sculpture draws many tourists from around the world to bathe.Holy Mother Cathedral of BatumiThis beautiful church on Baratashvili Street is the most magnificent Batumi church and its exterior and interior architecture are beautiful. Built in Gothic style, it features two tall twin towers, colored glass windows, stone sculptures and beautiful murals.Argo trap cabWith a height of 3 meters above sea level, this trapper has a unique view of Batumi City, the Black Sea and the surrounding mountains. There is also a variety of restaurants, cafés and shops in the amusement center, and its royal lounge terrace offers a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding hills. International Black Sea Jazz Festival Every year, in July, Batumi hosts the International Black Sea Jazz Festival, and the festival organizers invite the best jazz singers and musicians from around the world to the festival. During the festival, a large number of bands and jazz enthusiasts come together and find a special atmosphere in the city.

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