The best reasons to travel to Calcutta

Most people in India may be familiar with Delhi, but this land has many fascinating and fascinating cities that will certainly be interesting and memorable to travel to. Today we are going to talk about Calcutta which was once the capital of India and today is the center of Indian culture, art and history. Calcutta is a historic and attractive city and there are many sightseeing and tourist attractions in the city that encourage you to travel. If you’re still hesitant to choose your travel destination, here are five top reasons to travel to Calcutta known as the City of Happiness. Many people do not travel to Calcutta because they have no knowledge of it! But of course, after reading these things, you will have a very different view of Calcutta and you may want to take a trip to this historic Indian city. Follow along with Eli Patrol to find out the best reasons to travel to Calcutta.Today we all know that Delhi is the capital of India (what is the difference between Delhi and New Delhi?). But what most people may not be aware of is that before Delhi was elected as the capital of India, Calcutta was the capital of India, and for over a century it was the administrative-political center of India. Calcutta was the headquarters of the famous East India Company and was the center of colonial territories in the Indian subcontinent during the British colonial period.Famous companies and companies were present in Calcutta at that time, doing business. There are countless historical buildings and attractions of this historic period in Calcutta that are fascinating and unique in architecture. All in all, these are some of the best reasons to travel to Calcutta.

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