The most beautiful Kusadasi Park

Delik Peninsula, the most beautiful Kusadasi ParkDo you like the places where the mountain joins the sea and the sea to the mountains? Tour patrol in the nice National Park, only 14 kilometers south, Turkey Kusadasi, may be a place for your next adventure! This daily trip is great for anyone who tends to walk along the beach.
The Dinak Peninsula National Park in Kusadasi is the most important natural heritage of Turkey with an area of 27 hectares, which is a short-Kusadasi highway. There is a possibility to stay in National Park in tents or park and food is available whenever will. This national park beautifully draws a tremendous combination of Mediterranean plants with clean blue and emerald beaches.
The obvious feature of this region, which has made it one of the best places for Kusadasi, is that almost all of Turkey’s plants can flourish. Delik Peninsula is like an outdoor zoo and no cages where you can do a lot of things: fishing, biking, picnic, hiking in nature, photography, walking in the wildlife, watching birds, swimming, enjoying landscapes and paraglider, including the fascinating things that all year long You can do.
An exciting greenAsdalind is the most interesting Kusadasi tourism association, the world of Unlimited entertainment, passion, excitement and lush space is only 80 kilometers with Izmir await you. In summer, it’s warm and dull to you and the family, the excitement and beating of the heart of adrenaline in the most fascinating Kusadasi water park I recommend. Afind offers a wide range of water entertainment to tourists, a scary long cascade head to increase the excitement of the less the strength of your choice for a energetic and emotional day.Exciting water park of Aqua FountainThe park is very popular among children and adults because it offers a wide variety of games that are both exciting and safe. Along with these bustle and chute rides along the pool there are bars, from which parents can see their children while keeping their tranquility. In essence, this beautiful blue Park is part of a hotel that attracts many tourists because of the existence of this water park, and in such a place, the possibility of relaxing after playing or using the restaurant is better than the rest of the recreational places, but you will have a higher cost ratio.

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