The most important areas of Antalya

Antalya HotelsHotel Antalya Travel is one of your most important travel options, as some hotels are so attractive and diverse that you prefer to spend more time at the hotel. In fact, the hotel in Antalya is not just a place to sleep, it is your main excursion. However, if you spend a little more and book a hotel with good facilities, be sure you will not regret it. Leisure activities at Antalya hotels include flooring, European groups and other minorities, magic, a variety of dances, various competitions, massages, watersports.In the case of Antalya hotels, keep in mind that hotels are delivered at 9pm every day.
The most important areas of Antalya Antalya has eastern, central and western regions: Belek region in the eastern part, the most famous beach and tourist center in this eastern part, Lara beach. The central and western parts are the Konyaaltı and Kemer coasts, respectively. All these different areas are accessible by public transport services such as the bus and minibus (Delmoche).
Best time to travel to AntalyaAntalya is always sunny and slightly temperate. From mid-June to early October due to the air temperature, travelers can use the sea, the beach and the sun, but in autumn and winter the weather is not suitable for swimming and sunbathing due to the cold air and seasonal rains. It is generally a favorable destination from late April to mid-November. Early spring and autumn, when the weather is not too cold and the city is empty of travelers, you can find good discounts on Antalya hotels and tours.

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