The reason why Ms. Shakila came to Kabul was a friendly meeting with Ajmal Haghighi

Shakila arrived in Kabul from Canada
Ms. Shakila, who spoke a few weeks ago and was the headline of all social networks, has now come to Kabul from Canada. The reason for Ms. Shakila’s arrival in Kabul is still unknown. But in a recent interview that the Afghan model Ajmal Haghighi did with Ms. Shakila.

Ms. Shakila says she came to Kabul to visit friends and family. Shakila says her problems with Fahim are over and she does not want to go back to that. Time will prove how true these words of Ms. Shakila are. In one corner of this interview, Ms. Shakila asks people to remove her previous videos from social media. So that his children do not suffer from watching those videos.

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