The weird and crazy acts that the ancient Romans did!

very Intersted video about old Romans did in Past . Colour of purple was one of the special clothes from romans which only senatures and reach peaple could wear it.

Ancient Roman civilization formed in the Italian Peninsula from the eighth century BC and spread so far along the Mediterranean to the center of Rome that it became one of the largest ancient empires in the first and second centuries (with about 2% of the population at that time). ) Conversion.

The rule of the first Roman emperor, Augustus, began in 5 BC. This government witnessed the beginning of Romana’s Pax, a period of political stability and great glory that lasted for about five years. During this period, the Roman emperor ruled the Mediterranean and much of Western Europe. The empire was well organized and well managed. A network of roads connected the imperial lands to the capital, Rome. Trained Roman legionnaires defended all critical points along its borders.

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