Travel Guide to Baku Azerbaijan

Baku is one of the most populous cities of Azerbaijan and also its capital. The city of Baku is believed by the people to mean Kobe wind, where the high winds blow. After the discovery of the world’s first oilfield in Baku, the city gained fame because of the important Soviet-era centers and streets built in Baku. They are the national and Islamic cultural and architectural heritage of this country. But like any other tourist destination, you need information such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, as well as restaurants and hotels to stay in. So Eli Gasht, in his guide to Baku, intends to provide you with the information you need to travel to the most populous city of Azerbaijan; join us on our journey to Baku.The first documentation of Baku dates back to the 6th century. At that time, there was a broad historical link between Baku and Iran. After a major earthquake devastated the capital of the emperors in the 6th century, Ahsan first chose Baku as the new capital. During the Sasanian period, the presence and influence of Iranian agents in the Arran coasts from Talesh and Baku to Darband was very strong.During the reign of the Shahs, Baku was part of the reign. Shervan was not a part of Azerbaijan’s land like the rest of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan was called the south of the Aras River. Baku was the capital of the Shirvan Shahs in the 5th and 6th centuries AD and later became part of Safavid Iran. The Ottoman government ruled over much of the Caucasus, including Baku, for a short period of time. Nader Shah Afshar was able to return this part of Aran, Georgia and the current Armenian region to Iran. During the conquest of Iran and Russia during the conquest of Ali Shah, the area was separated from the Persians by the Golestan and Turkmanchai treaties, and Baku was one of the largest oil producing areas of the world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.Azerbaijan has very cold winters due to the climate in Baku, so it also has very hot summers. Spring is the best time to travel to Azerbaijan and Baku due to the celebration of Nowruz in Azerbaijan and the relative freshness of the air and the joy of the people.
With the arrival of September, the air of the capital city of Baku becomes very cool and pleasant, making it ideal for autumn travelers. The weather is colder than November and most of the snow falls in January. In terms of weather, the best time to visit the capital of Azerbaijan is spring and autumn.
Your budget depends on where you live in each city. The same is true in Baku, but you should try to get close to the city center as you choose, because the farther away you have to spend a taxi and get to the city center. Here are some travel guidebooks to Baku that we will introduce to you.To travel to Baku please note that hotel prices are constantly changing.
About prices in Baku Azerbaijan, for a meal in a cheap restaurant you have to pay 2 manat, you have to pay 2 manat for a double meal in an average restaurant. Fortunately, the price of McDonald’s menus in Baku is almost cheaper, at 2 manat. If you want to go on a business trip with a little searching you can get a relatively good meal at less expensive restaurants called street food. You can also pay 1.5 manat for mineral water in this city.

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