Travel Guide to Beirut, Lebanon

Travel Guide to Beirut, Lebanon
Beirut, the capital and largest city in Lebanon, is well-known for its long and long history on the Mediterranean coast. Although the city was heavily damaged by the war, it was once referred to as the Paris of the Middle East, a testament to its beauty. Follow along where to find out more about this historic city. Beirut is one of the cities that is very popular among the culture of friends, but in addition to looking for beautiful beaches and lively nightlife, you will still find yourself in an attractive destination. With all of these attractions, unfortunately, the city does not have the proper tourism infrastructure and this can be somewhat frustrating. Also prices in this city are usually more expensive than you might expect. However, not all of these things will prevent you from enjoying a well-planned trip to one of the attractions of the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. The story is set for a six-day trip to the city.
weather condition
Beirut typically has a favorable climate throughout the year. From July to September, the city’s climate is hot and humid, but at least during this time we will almost see no rain. For most people, spring and fall are the best times for travel, as temperate temperatures and rainfall rarely occur. Winters, but we will see rain for a long time. During this time, however, the air temperature is not too cold.
Best time to book a hotel
In Beirut, hotels have high prices almost every year. You will experience a peak in peak or peak season (June to September) as well as large religious celebrations. The rest of the year you can sometimes find good discounts.

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