Travel Guide To Dushanbe

Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, can ask and use your city. Seeing the cities it can choose to name can be as old as the city, which can make it a privileged position. The historic and spectacular city of Dushanbe has a special place that can make a trip and extend the reach of the hospitable Tajik people. But before traveling to any place in the world, you can find out more if you can and they can give you a restaurant or restaurant so they can stay in their restaurants and hotels as well as Better get the suggested services.Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan and is located in Central Asia. Almost this Tajik city has a landlocked climate and a dry climate, Dushanbe in Tajikistan has an area of over 5,000 square kilometers, according to a census of 6,000 inhabitants in the year.Tajikistan is a mountainous, landlocked country. It has high rainfall and abundant water resources. The climate in the country is warm in summer and mild in winter. Tajiks have a lot of cultural in common with us, and it’s interesting that they also celebrate Nowruz. For this reason, many Iranians travel to Tajikistan in the spring and during Nowruz. Although you can travel to Tajikistan in other seasons, spring is the most popular time to travel to Tajikistan.One of the most important things that occupy the minds of travelers during their journey is staying in the destination city. Travelers planning to travel to Dushanbe need to know that there are many hotels in Dushanbe that you can choose from for your budget. When it comes to staying in a hostel, you should not expect the same from hotel hostels as you would expect in a hotel.
It should be noted that Eli Gasht Travel Agency has the possibility of booking a hotel in most parts of the world and you can also consult with the advisors of this complex who are ready to provide advice within a 24-hour period before choosing your hotel. Here are some good hotels in Dushanbe that will make your trip to Dushanbe.Tajik cuisine is a mix of Central Asian, Afghan and Pakistani cuisines because of the crossing of different cultures. The influence of years of Soviet domination can also be seen in Tajik cuisine. Here’s a guide to Monday’s trip to the unique restaurants in this Turkish city as well as food costs based on Numbeo’s official statistics.
Here are the food costs in this country based on the official Numbeo website:
For a meal in a low-cost restaurant you have to pay for 2 servings.
You have to pay for two meals in a mid-range restaurant.
The price of McDonald’s menus in Dushanbe is comparatively cheaper, at just $ 5.
To make mineral water, and if you want a cup of coffee, you have to pay for it.One of the interesting things about Dushanbe is that the reputation of the Persian-speaking poet Rudaki, the father of Persian poetry, has traveled to countries around the world and is so popular among Tajiks that he recalls the poem “The Joy of Moulian”. Deposit. The park in Rudaki, nowadays in Tajikistan, was named after Lenin Park, which was named after the king of Russia, and a statue of him in the park. But the importance of Rudaki and its important role in Tajikistan’s civilization and culture led to the President of Tajikistan ordering the Rudaki statue to be replaced by the Lenin statue and changing the name of the park to the name Rudaki.If you are interested in the history of the city that we suggest you must have, you can go to the National Museum of Tajikistan and view the monuments left over and read about the information written about them. All the statues and symbols have been displayed during searches by Tajikistan Academy of Sciences, Moscow archaeologists, Saint Petersburg and Russian cities and foreign scientists.

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