Travel Guide To Tashkent

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and has a history of more than 2000 years. A guide to Tashkent for any tourist and tourist can be a great guide. Tashkent is also one of the most important business centers in Central Asia. The attractions of this city are stunning and stunning, and in addition Tashkent people are famous for their hospitality with travelers coming to their city. But before traveling to any part of the world, having enough information about the attractions at that destination, as well as a look at the restaurants and hotels and their amenities are among the requirements travelers must have.Uzbekistan’s Tashkent city is geographically located on the old Silk Road from China to Europe, and is bordered on both sides by the Sirdria and Igeran rivers. The area occupied by Uzbekistan in the city of Tashkent is about 5 square kilometers and according to the census of 8.5 million people lived in this city, this number has definitely changed.Due to the geographical conditions of Tashkent, the city is warm due to hot weather and hot summers. There is little rainfall in the city, with a significant rainfall in the winter. Given these conditions, if you want to travel to Tashkent, you should know that spring and fall are the best times to travel.Accommodation in Tashkent is not that expensive and you have to book one of the hotels in the city you expect.Hostel accommodation can also be a good option for you in the city, but be sure to deal with the security and amenities you can’t expect at the hotel. Of course, these hostels do not have much definition.There are many restaurants in Tashkent Uzbekistan that are competing with each other. It offers a variety of restaurants with European, Middle Eastern and Russian menu. Trying to go to local cafes in the city is another thing. You can also make supermarket items you need and cook yourself. This way you can significantly reduce your food and feed costs. Of course, the restaurants in the city are not as expensive and the food is not high. Here’s a guide to Tashkent’s food costs in this city.
Here are the food costs in this city based on the official Numbeo website:
For a meal in a cheap restaurant you have to pay $ 3.
You have to pay $ 2 to spend a double meal on a medium-sized restaurant.
The price of McDonald’s menus in Tashkent Uzbekistan is comparatively cheaper, at $ 1.5.
You’ll have to pay $ 1.5 for mineral water and if you want a cup of coffee you will have to pay $ 1.5.

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