Travel Guide To Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a country located in Central Asia and, as its name implies, is the land of the Turkmen people. But this does not mean that no other ethnicity lives there, but that there are Russians and Uzbeks living in it. As a result, residents of the country speak spoken Russian, Uzbek, and other languages ​​besides Turkmen. Ashgabat is the capital of the country, and travelers to Turkmenistan often travel to the city. But before traveling to any part of the world, having enough information about the attractions at that destination, as well as a look at the restaurants and hotels and their amenities are among the requirements travelers must have.Turkmenistan is geographically Turkmenistan to the south with Afghanistan and Iran, to the north with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and from the Maghreb to the Caspian Sea. It also has a maritime border with Azerbaijan and Russia. The country covers an area of 488 square kilometers, and according to a census conducted in year 6, its population is about 5 million.Turkmenistan generally has a desert and subtropical climate. The country has a mild climate during the cold season, with the highest amount of rainfall in January. It is often a good time to travel to Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, but the best time to visit Ashgabat is April, May, December, December, October and November.For a meal at an inexpensive restaurant you have to pay $ 5.5.You need to pay $ 2 to spend a double meal at a mid-range restaurant.The prices of McDonald’s menus in Turkmenistan are relatively inexpensive and cost $ 2.You’ll have to pay $ 1.5 for mineral water and if you want a cup of coffee you will have to pay $ 1.5.Some popular foods in TurkmenistanCheck Dormitory: A food that belongs to Golestan province and has a similar composition to Istanbul. This dish is special for Turkmen Turkmen and Aghkla.Bolama: Food is similar to our own honey, which is usually cooked on the seventh day of birth.Choruk Chopstick: Chorock Chopstick is a bread that is baked in oven mixed with chopped sheep, gourmet and onion chips.BURROCK: We can almost say that it is our own dumpling, with minced meat, potatoes, and some onions.

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