Traveling to the Taj Mahal of India

Ajmal and Yalda in Taj Mahal of India

in this program Traveling Ajmal and Yalda to the Taj Mahal of India

Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world built in 6 years by Shah Jahan for his wife. Every year it draws thousands of visitors from all over the world to India.
If you are interested in Islamic architecture, surely the Taj Mahal is on your list of favorite buildings. The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful monuments in the world, located near Agra City, 2 kilometers south of Delhi, the capital of India, and is one of the new Seven Wonders.

The beautiful monument was erected at the behest of the Shah Jahan to commemorate his Iranian wife, the privileged local, who died in the course of a war trip in the year 680; later the Shah Jahan himself was buried there.

It is close to Eid and Holidays and many of us may wish to travel to India and visit the Taj Mahal, if you are interested in India or want to visit the beautiful Taj Mahal, join us for tips on visiting Taj Mahal Let’s check.

There are various prices to enter the yard
The Taj Mahal

The entrance price of the crown is different for locals and foreign tourists. Even entry rates vary for tourists from different countries! Entrance price is Rs 4 for locals, if tourists from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Asian countries have to pay Rs 4 for entry, other tourists are required to pay Rs 4.

The price of a ticket to the dollar is about $ 2; it’s worth a visit at one of the most beautiful monuments in the world for only $ 2! The more expensive entrance ticket price for foreign tourists makes their ticket queue more comfortable than half the ticket price for locals, and many tourists welcome the opportunity to provide a low-ticket comfort and relaxation time.

When you buy a crown ticket, you mark a double arrow
The Taj Mahal

The crown entrance ticket includes a discount for visiting other Agra attractions. For example, if you buy a crown ticket today, you have until the end of the day to discount other Agra attractions. This discount is only valid for one day.

A great way to use this discount is a very simple solution, first buy a crown ticket and head to other Agra attractions and then return to the crown at the end of the day and spend your leisure time in this beautiful setting. The crown ticket has one day of expiration date.

Enter the crown from various entrances
The Taj Mahal

There are three gates to the entrance: one to the east, one to the west and another to the south. It is best to enter the area from the south door to avoid being in a rush.

Don’t choose Friday to visit
The Taj Mahal

The crowning day is a closed holiday, this day may be a golden day for many tourists, but beware of this if you are going to visit the crowning place.

Customize your itinerary based on month status!
The Taj Mahal

This sentence may be a little funny to you, but visiting the crown is perfect when the moon is in full swing and doubles the beauty of the crown. Just keep in mind that the day the moon is in full swing does not interfere with Friday.

There are specific places to watch the full moon in the Taj Mahal, the day before and the day after the full moon.

Free admission to the Taj Mahal area on special days
The Taj Mahal

Admission to the Crown is free on certain special days. One of these is the holiday Eid, which is one day in November and one in August. Visiting the beautiful Taj Mahal is free throughout the week. If you’re lucky, you can get a ticket to India at this time, but bear in mind that the crowds will be higher than usual these days.

Watching the crowning place at dusk and sunrise
The Taj Mahal

Many tourists consider sunrise the best time to visit the Taj Mahal. At dawn the crown is crowded, as many people take the time to visit this beautiful place. In the winter months, watching the sunrise in the crown courtyard is difficult because most of the winter days are in the thick fog range, but if you travel to India in the winter and miss the crown in the dawn, watch the sunset from Do not miss.

Also visit other cities
The Taj Mahal

Agra is one of the most beautiful cities in India, but its historical attractions are less than in other parts of India. To make the most of your time, go to Delhi or Jaipur after visiting Taj Mahal and visit the sights of these cities. Delhi is not too far from Agra and you can use the intercity train available to tourists at any time.

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