Two women without wearing hijab at a shopping mall in the Saudi capital, Riyadh,

The presence of two women without a veil at a shopping mall in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, caught the attention of many. “I want to live freely and without any restrictions, and no one has the right to choose the type of cover for me,” said one of the women, Manhal Talibi. Check out the corners of this video here.

Over the past few months, some women and women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia have tried to take to the streets without conventional Islamic coverage. These women also shared images of themselves on social media.

AFP released images and an interview of a five-year-old Saudi woman on Thursday, September 21, who says she has been in the streets of Riyadh, the capital, for four months without a veil. “No one can force him to do what he does not want,” he told AFP.

The agency also mentions another 5-year-old woman who specializes in “human resources” who says she has abandoned Islamic clothing in other public spaces in Riyadh except at her workplace. He attended a shopping mall in Riyadh last week without a traditional Islamic veil in Saudi Arabia.

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