US Embassy to Afghan Citizens: Don’t Get Captured in a Romance and Online Business

The US Embassy in Kabul has urged Afghan citizens to be careful not to fall victim to Internet fraud.
The agency wrote a newsletter on its website and official Facebook page that these fraudsters are trying to establish a “friendship, romance, or online business” relationship and use it to solicit money.
The embassy considered the most common type of fraud, including phone calls, social networking, adding that the other side claimed to be a US citizen, as a member of the US armed forces, a military contractor, a US embassy diplomat or an employee of an international organization. They are based in Afghanistan.
They use fake stories, photos and real-life soldiers’ names or models to show evidence, and when they gain the trust of their victims, the fraudsters create a “false situation” and demand money from the victims.
The US Embassy added that the scammers can be very clever and deceptive and tell tragic and plausible stories that make you send them money, disappear after they no longer respond to messages.

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