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Barcelona is one of the cities that is one of the world-famous city trips. It is the most important port of Spain and is on the outskirts of the Mediterranean. In every corner of the city of Barcelona you can write from the art and architecture publications of the interface world, by which you can submit your books. However, any of these people can access your information through this website. From this Route El Patrol trip to Barcelona you want to find out more about traveling to this fascinating Spanish city Boldard and take us on a trip to Barcelona with you.The city of Barcelona is located northeast of the Iberian Peninsula by the Mediterranean Sea. The city has an area of 2 square kilometers and its population is 6, according to the Census of 6. The city is surrounded by the Cholerula Mountains and flows to the Ubergate River in the southwest and the Bosus River in the north. Tibidabo, 2 meters high, is the tallest mountain in Cholserola, from which a significant part of the city can be seen.The city dates back to the first century BC, founded by the Carthage relatives of Barcelona, and during the conquest of Andalusia, Barcelona also witnessed Muslim conquests. Muslims called the city “Breslunne” or “Bresnone”, which derives from the Latin name of “Barcelona”. At that time the city was famous worldwide for its abundance of wheat, beans and honey, and its pearls were made off the coast, thus becoming the site of Greek invasion. In the Middle Ages, the city of Barcelona was renamed to “Barcelona”, which was named after the Greeks.Barcelona, due to its geographical location, generally enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The winters of the city are mild and humid and there are hot and dry summers. Although the city has two seasons, the seasons are not the same. Summer lasts from June to November, winters last for 6 months (January, February and March), and spring and autumn are each visited in the Spanish city every 6 months (May and December).Barcelona hotels are out of town but they charge relatively high per night stay, so it is your budget that determines how you stay in the city. You have to know that if you spend a lot of money on hotels you get good service instead. Read more Travel Guide to Barcelona We will pay a little bit for the price of hotel reservation in this city and we will also introduce some suitable hotels. (All prices quoted are as of February 1).
Two-star hotels for 1.5 to 2.7 USD
Three-star hotels for 3.5 to 2.7 USD
Four-star hotels for 2.5 to 4.5 USD
Five Star Hotels from 3,5 to 7,4 Toman
In Barcelona, ​​Spain, you have to pay 2 euros for a meal in a cheap restaurant, and you have to pay 2 euros for a double meal in a medium-sized restaurant. Fortunately, the prices of McDonald’s menus in Barcelona are almost cheaper, at € 2. If you want to go on a business trip with a little searching you can eat a relatively good meal at restaurants that call them street food at a lower price. You can also pay € 7.5 for mineral water in this town. Here’s a guide to some of the restaurants in this Spanish city.

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