What foods do we eat in Batumi?

What foods do we eat in Batumi?Batumi’s food diversity is also like Tbilisi, a fusion of Georgian, Turkish and even Iranian food habits. In Batumi, the most foods are cooked with meat, dough and vegetables. In addition, because it is a coastal city, seafood is a special place and can be a variety of seafood in the city.For it to be familiar with the food taste of Batumi’s local people, it is better to try the small and local restaurants, sometimes in these local and small food restaurants that will keep your taste forever.Souvenir BatumiTourists of every tourist destination want to have a memorabilia from the city they have gone. Fortunately, Batumi travelers from the city can be filled with their hands. The most important symbol of Batumi and other towns are Georgian Canasi. Canasi is a jam-shaped drink that has been decorated with the role of ONGARHA. The variety of these cups with different applications can be seen in the city stores.In addition, a kind of hat called Pappak that is prepared from the wool of cattle and antelope is also the other souvenirs of Batumi. Batumi is also a reagent in handmade chocolate. A variety of chocolate can also be a frugal souvenirs from Batumi.Batumi Shopping CentersUnlike Turkey, Georgia is not a place to buy. Perhaps one of its reasons is that the advanced industry does not have textile and leather, and therefore the market does not count for the purchase of clothing, bags and shoes. For the most thing found in Batumi’s shopping centers, the goods are international brands and goods imported from Turkey.However, however, to purchase the following centers of the best in Batumi:
Metropolitan City TRMetropolitan City TR is the largest shopping mall in Batumi. In addition to various colorful and varied shops and boutiques, the center also equipped with children’s play space, Fuyworth, cinema and bowling Hall.
Batumi Shopping CenterBatumi’s shopping center is located in the center of the city and it is easily accessible from all parts of the city. The shopping center has a hotel where you can use a large, beautiful pool, sauna and jacuzzi and Fitnes Hall.
Jewellery Sales MarketsThe global Stock and Gold Stock markets, which are located in the streets of April and Redway, are special jewellery sales markets. Buying a piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love is not empty of thanks.
Important tips for tourism in BatumiRent a car and explore the mountainous roads around the city.Embark on the cabin trap of the beautiful scenery of Koh, sea and city.You travel in hot seasons, tap on the magical beach.Don’t neglect to eat and test out local and Georgian dishes.Trip to Batumi is supposed to be recorded in mindHonestly, the journey to any destination can stay in your mind and memory, provided that you travel with knowledge and understanding, especially if your trip is family. In this guide, we met you with the city of Batumi. If you have an experience with this city, write to us.

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