What to see in the bathtub

What to see in the bathtubMagical beach Batum people believe swimming and sunbathing on the beach cure arthritic diseases and have a relaxing water. This beach is one of the most popular places of interest in Batumi and locals and tourists love to swim in the Black Sea and relax and sunbathe on the magical beach. Experience this beach trip to Batumi and see if the rumors are true. Of course, the nature of Georgia is much more attractive than you may know. Batumi BoulevardThis boulevard near the sea is one of the most beautiful attractions on a trip to Batumi. This extensive hiking trail with special tree-lined landscapes and sea and city views lends itself to daydreaming during the day, with gentle breeze. In addition to tree planting, beautiful monuments, sculptures and artifacts, wheelchairs and musical fountains have provided a spectacular view of the boulevard. The cafés and outdoor restaurants on this boulevard have a special nightlife.Europe Square In fact, the main square of Batumi is the city, and you will probably pass it many times during the tour. Many of the great concerts of prominent singers Jose Carras, Andrea Bocelli, Bona Vista and Enrique Iglesias have been staged. Adjacent to the square is a park where tourists and bathtubers rest on hot summer nights.Piazza Square It is one of the most beautiful Batumi passageways and has an Italian style and style. The hotel, restaurant and café are surrounded by the square. There is street music and live music every night in the cafes.The statue of MedeaThe statue was built to keep the medieval legend alive in the baton. In Greek myths there was a Meda woman from the Kulkhis in Georgia. Jason, the leader of the Greek heroes, embarks on a journey to help his father regain the throne. Medea falls in love with Jason and runs away and then marries. Jason later abandons her and falls in love with another girl. Medium kills Jason’s new lover and their children in a fit of rage.

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