Where is the most corrupt city in the world?

Chicago is one of the most corrupt cities in American history and has maintained its status over the years, according to the Guardian-Chicago International Group of Young Journalists. Over the past 40 years, the Chicago judiciary has faced more than 1,500 cases, more than any other city in the United States, with corruption. A report released by the University of Illinois named Chicago as the capital of corruption in the United States.

 Outside the US, Chicago has found many competitors. In Colombia, 1380 mayors have been convicted of corruption for eight years. In Ukraine, out of every 10 stories, one is related to corruption in urban development. In Spain, reports of corruption on important political figures have caused scandal, with 95% of the population believing that corruption in Spain is well organized. In Rio de Janeiro, city prosecutors and members of parliament are examining the Olympic contracts for possible corruption.

One of the main reasons for the spread of corruption in urban areas is the lack of resources. The lack of resources makes it possible for certain individuals to gain significant power in urban areas and to control the city.

The risk of corruption is increasing every day. The city’s population is projected to grow to 2.5 billion in the next 30 years. According to surveys, most of this population growth occurs in areas where corruption and similar activities are common. According to figures released by Transparency International, India, China and Nigeria, which already have a high corruption index, will have more than 1 billion new citizens by 2050. Based on residential and commercial space, India will build the equivalent of one Chicago city in the next 10 years.

However, contrary to the direct impact of cities on our daily lives, anti-corruption measures are taken at the level of the whole country, not at the level of their inner urban areas.

“At the international level, many countries are combating corruption at the highest level and hope that its effects will gradually come into the cities,” It’s not going to happen that way. It’s a part that needs a lot more focus and precision. One of the main needs of fighting corruption at the city level is to identify cities where corruption is more common. “

According to partial information, some of the world’s cities are more prominent in the index of corruption than others, according to published statistics, Mogadishu in Somalia, Kabul in Afghanistan and Juba in South Sudan are among the most inappropriate cities related to corruption. . The statistics show that cities involved in battle and war are in worse shape.

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