Why is it called the Egyptian desert here?

Egypt is the name of a desert village in Isfahan province, 2 kilometers from the city of Jundaq. The village has a population of about 3 people and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Iran because of its unique and breathtaking views, as the Egyptian Desert Tours are one of the best-selling mountain tours in Iran. It is No matter how much you do not like the desert, you cannot see and fall in love with the Egyptian Desert, you will find out why. Why is it called the Egyptian desert here? You might also be wondering why they call this desert, Egypt. In fact, there are various stories about how the desert was named, the most famous being the story of a man named Joseph, who was a resident of the village in the past. At a time when the village was draining, Yousef dug a deep well and reached the water and called on the people of Egypt to respect the name of Yousef and his story in Egypt, and to honor the people accepted.

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