Yalda and Ajmal in Laj Patnagar of India

This time Yalda and Ajmal are going to show you a Town in New Delhi Lajpat Nagar like a Small Afghanistan . They are going to show viewer the city and eating Mantu , shoping , eating special frouts.

The popularity of Afghani food among both Indians and Afghani refugees living in India has helped him and others rebuild their lives from scratch.

Ahmadi and his two brothers run Afghan Darbar, one of the oldest Afghan eateries in the capital, New Delhi, the product of their decade-old labor of love. Its success and that of a handful of older Afghan restaurants has led to more people moving from Kabul to New Delhi and opening eateries.

The journey of Afghan Darbar is emblematic of how displaced Afghans have rebuilt their lives. Ahmadi’s father was in the trade of importing dried fruit from Afghanistan to India. As that became unsustainable amid political conflict and economic uncertainty, his brother had the idea of opening a restaurant to serve the local Afghan population in Delhi. Now at least 60% of their customers are Indian and the family runs two restaurants.

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