Yasmin became waitress in Kabul

Yasmin became waitress

Waiting conditions
In a restaurant, most of the customers are usually waiters,

Whereas the restaurant manager and owner are cashiers, cooks, cleaners, etc. but waiters
They represent the whole person and the restaurant, so wait for the waitress training in the restaurant.
It doubles.

Moving dishes
Waiters are usually left-handed to move containers and utensils when they want it.
The food or device must be presented to the customer with the right hand.
So every waiter in the restaurant is essential with the formalities and courtesy skills like how
Thank you customer, control in bad weather, how to cater drinks and how to deal with
With angry customers, how to offer customers, introduce their professional and restaurant customers, and
There are also conversations that will give customers a positive view of our restaurant
And many of the other skills we’ll learn in on-site workshops and training packages.
I will list some of them below and hope you find them useful:

In discussing the relationship of waiters with restaurant customers, I think the most important factor is the smiles of these loved ones
Not just at the time of greeting or saying goodbye, but at all times
On the way and when you bring and bring dishes and food, while walking in the restaurant area, on time
Cleaning tables and…)

Collecting containers
If it’s a one-stop-shop, not a one-stop shop, what good is it
The next item to come is to collect dirty or overpriced foods or tables if required
Clean the dirt, bring it afterwards.

Prohibited Works!
Minor unpleasant things that are very unpleasant to the customer, such as scratching the head or body,
Hand in ear or nose, dry your sweat with your hands and sleeves, etc.
Just a waiter to get a customer order or invoice delivery.

There are some items that are always used in the normal way and should be ready for food
For example, paper towels, salt spray and pepper
The waiter must make sure their numbers are healthy, productive, and adequate.

Speed ​​of action without attention
Which Factors Influencing Restaurant Customer Satisfaction, Staff Speed, and Restaurant Waiting

Yes, but this speed of action should not lead to things that attract attention, such as running
In the restaurant environment As we mentioned in the article on the task of the restaurant waiter, the discussion about
Waiting for menu and health and appearance of the restaurant are the most important
Restaurant owners usually request it from their staff and give the necessary hints, but
What they forget, and they don’t even know the details, is the same discussion of proper etiquette
Customers. There are so many articles on dating staff so far on the five staff website
The star is presented from habits to how to talk, how to talk, skills to say no, methods
Dealing with people who make us angry and…

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